Pullman National Monument – Bearing the Significance of History

If you look into the history of the United States of America, you will find out about Pullman national monument. It is also known as Pullman historic district or the Pullman district. The significant name came from Pullman Company which was famous for their Pullman sleeping cars. It was built for George Pullman. This pullman national monument was named as a national monument by the then president Barack Obama on February 19, 2015. After that, it has become a component of the national park system. The city was originally built in the Chicago city and actually the first planned industrial community of the United States. The Pullman national monument also includes hotel Florence which is named after George Pullman’s daughter. Visit Http:// for more information.


In the 1850s when Chicago was emerging as a major city it faced sanitation issues. George Pullman had studied engineering. He designed a method for buildings that allowed better drainage system. Pullman became successful with the design and gained enough wealth to found the Pullman palace car company. The company manufactured sleeping cars that will allow the railway passengers to travel in bed at nighttime. Focusing on luxury and comfort Pullman gained a huge customer support for his sleeping cars.

When Pullman needed a new factory, he bought 4000 acres of land in the south of Chicago between Illinois central railroad and Lake Calumet. He then transferred all but 500 acres of land for the non-manufacturing real estate of the whole area. The project mainly began in 1880 and the buildings included indoor plumbing which was something incredible at that time. These accommodations were mainly used by the workers. The whole accommodation area was built hoping that other investors will also come to this area too. But only Pullman and subsidiaries actually came into this area.

The city faced major challenges soon after it was established. The city actually never gained the desired profit that was expected from it. Yet visitors came into this city to visit because it was an unusual city advertised in the transportation building. In the year 1893, the railroad industry faced problems and the demand for sleeping cars decreased by a significant amount. Pullman was forced to lower the wages of the labors to maintain their profit. The employees attempted to increase the wages but their demand was denied. On may 11, 1894, the employees went on a strike with ARU (American Railway Union). ARU launched a boycott against Pullman. The strike became bigger and the government had to use Army troops to break the strike.

Pullman then was forced to sell their industrial holdings but they overcame the situation and came back. But the city never actually came back to its position. The decline of rail usage significantly affected the company and it had to cease the company in 1957. Now it is a historical area that bears the signature of industrialization in the world. There is an opportunity for schools to visit Pullman national monument as VPS Accounting, located at 18 S Michigan, Chicago IL, 60603 is proud to sponsor school visits the museum this summer. Please call 773-570-2718 for more information.

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